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Malta Law Firm

Our law firm in Malta provides a wide range of legal services and additional ones, such as accounting and management services for international clients interested in opening a company in Malta. The legal services provided by our Maltese lawyers are tailored to the customer’s needs, that is why businessmen can integrate their investment ideas in the suitable type of business vehicle. By working together with our lawyers in Malta, foreign businessmen will get straightforward answers and explanations without going through extensive searches.

 Quick Facts  
How can a lawyer help you start a business in Malta?

Our dedicated team of experts can handle the registration formalities for companies in Malta, including preparation and submission of documents.

Services offered by our lawyers in Malta

Legal services are offered for:

– business formation, 

– tax registration in Malta,

– debt collection,

– litigation,

– property acquisition,

– contractual conflicts,

– trademark registration

 Representation for divorce cases

Mediation is offered before going to court. Both spouses can be represented by our attorneys.

Support for licenses and permits Company owners must apply for specific licenses and permits before starting any operations.
 Legal advice for commercial disputes (YES/NO)


Power of attorney

Our lawyers in Malta can represent clients with a power of attorney, if they want to open a bank account, register a firm, buy a property, etc.

Real estate due diligence (YES/NO)


Legal advice for mergers and acquisitions (YES/NO)


Company liquidation Company liquidation in Malta involves appointing a liquidator, selling assets on auction and then pay the firm's debts.
Tax advice and planning Dedicated plans for those interested
Wealth management

High-net-worth individuals can receive customized plans.

We manage immigration issues

We can help foreigners apply for Maltese visa, Golden Visa, residence and permits, citizenship, humanitarian protection.

Representation for Family Law cases

You can be represented in cases like custody, adoption, family disputes, protection orders against family violence.

Free case evaluation 

Customers can benefit from an evaluation for their case, made by our advisors.

Personalized solutions are offered.

Reasons to choose our law firm in Malta You will work with an experienced team of lawyers in a wide range of legal issues.

Requiring the legal services of a law firm in Malta is advisable because of the continuous changes laws go through. With a vast experience in corporate governance, our lawyer in Malta will always advise clients on the best applicable practices in running a company.

Assistance in litigation cases offered by our lawyer in Malta

Foreign citizens and companies facing difficulties, which need the attention of lawyers, can rely on our law firm in Malta for a wide range of legal services, among which support in litigation cases. Our Maltese lawyers can guide clients in:

  •  corporate disputes related to contracts with other companies or employees;
  •  employment disputes – we can legally assist both employers and employees in obtaining their rights;
  •  other types of contractual disputes governed by the Maltese Civil Procedure Code;
  •  legal assistance in debt collection cases for individuals and companies seeking to recover outstanding amounts of money;
  •  legal assistance in Family Law disputes, such as child maintenance and divorce proceedings.

The Maltese judiciary system is comprised of inferior courts, civil and criminal courts of appeal and the Constitutional Court. The inferior courts are formed by the Malta Court of Magistrates and the Gozo Court of Magistrates.

Our litigation attorneys in Malta will advise clients with respect to all the options they have in order to take informed decisions.

Assistance in debt collection cases in Malta

Those who want to recover debts from others and don’t know where to start are invited to reach out to our Maltese lawyers who will guide them during the process.

Potential clients can rely on our attorneys during the amicable or court proceedings related to recovering a debt. We can handle the amicable process of collecting a debt from the beginning until the whole amount is recovered. We will handle all the documents proving the debt, we will send them to the debtor and we will keep in touch with the indebted until they manage to pay the outstanding amount of money.

If the amicable procedure does not work, our support will be offered throughout the legal debt recovery procedure which implies taking the case to one of the Maltese courts. At this stage, we can offer representation in front of the judge and provide all the documents which sustain the claimant’s case.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with our lawyer in Malta as soon as you find yourself in the position of not being able to recover a debt.

Open a business in Malta

It can be difficult for foreign enterprisers to set up a company in Malta, that is why it is best to ask for the services of a law firm in Malta. The first step is to select the appropriate business structure, so clients can minimize set up and maintenance costs and maximize their revenue. Our Maltese lawyers will explain in detail what the requirements, advantages, and disadvantages of each type of company are and will help you draft the Articles of Association. Our law firm in Malta can act as a company representative during the incorporation procedure through a simple power of attorney, thus enabling clients to focus on other stages of their business. Among the services we provide for company registration in Malta there are:

  •  choosing several company names and submitting them for approval with the Trade Register, out of which one will be reserved as a trade name,
  •  notarizing and submitting the required documents with the Maltese Companies Registrar,
  •  opening the company’s bank account and depositing the minimum share capital,
  •  applying for all other necessary business licenses and special permits, if required.

Our lawyer in Malta will also take customers through every step of the registration procedure in order for them to stay informed at any time during the process.

You can also read about our legal services in Malta in the scheme below:


Legal services available in Malta

In order to provide specialized services, our Maltese law firm is comprised of specialists in all legal areas: from the basic company incorporation procedures, assistance in accessing governmental and European funds for foreign investors’ projects and complex litigation matters. 

Among the legal services provided by our lawyers in Malta there is also the representation in litigation cases. Our litigation attorneys provide legal services for corporate clients dealing with complex situations, but our services are also dedicated to foreign citizens living in Malta and dealing with litigation procedures in civil matters, such as divorce and child custody.  Considering mediation has now become one of the most effective ways of settling potential disputes, clients should know that our legal staff is prepared to support them in these types of situations.

Guidance in buying real estate in Malta

Buying a property in Malta can be very advantageous for those seeking to immigrate to this country through one of the programs announced by the government. Our Maltese lawyers will advise on the conditions which must be met for accessing such a program and prepare the paperwork related to the application with the authorities.

These programs target foreign investors interested in relocating to Malta, so do not hesitate to get in touch with our law firm for more information.

Accounting services in Malta

Our team of Maltese lawyers provides accounting services offered by our partner accountants. Since Maltese tax laws are quite strict and the country’s taxation system is also complex, it is always best to request the help of accounting specialists in order to make sure every financial detail is in its place. Our accountants in Malta will provide the following types of services for corporate clients:

  • registration for taxation purposes, which is a very important step in the company formation procedure,
  • HR and payroll management when hiring employees,
  • opening corporate bank accounts,
  • keeping in contact with the tax authorities,
  • providing tax minimization solutions,
  • explaining the tax advantages companies may benefit from.

Additionally, our accounting team will provide clients with the information about Malta’s double taxation agreements.

You can also watch our video on the legal services provided by our attorneys in Malta:

Malta has a very efficient legal system which allows disputes to be settled by the courts of justice or by employing arbitration and mediation. When it comes to corporate litigation, arbitration has replaced lawsuits because it is less money and time consuming. Civil matters, on the other hand, are mainly dealt with by the Maltese courts. Our Maltese attorneys provide legal assistance in both civil and corporate matters.

The Maltese court system

The Maltese judicial system is made of inferior courts which will handle disputes not exceeding 12,000 euros. The inferior courts are divided into the Gozo Court and the Maltese Civil Court. The Gozo Court will rule in litigation cases carried out in the Gozo and Comino islands. The Maltese judiciary also comprises criminal courts and courts of appeal. The highest court is the Maltese Constitutional Court which rules in all law-related matters and its decisions cannot be appealed.

The Maltese civil courts are divided into a General Jurisdiction, a Voluntary and a Family Section which rule in divorce, child support and other family-related litigation cases.

For information about the Family Law you can rely on our litigation attorneys in Malta.

Mediation in Malta

In 2004 the Government enabled the Mediation Act and the Malta Mediation Centre in order to allow parties involved in litigation to resolve disputes by referring to another authority outside the court. Mediation is a procedure in which the Centre appoints a mediator who will act as an impartial third party with the main role of facilitating negotiations between parties. The mediator will help litigants to settle their dispute in a timely manner by reaching a mutual favorable agreement. For in-depth information about mediation procedures, you can ask our lawyer in Malta.

Arbitration in Malta

Arbitration is currently the most employed alternative dispute resolution method for settling commercial litigation in Malta. Arbitration falls under the regulations of the Arbitration Act which was included in the Malta Civil Law. More and more Maltese companies are including arbitration clauses in their contracts nowadays as a way of protecting themselves from costly lawsuits.

Court litigation in Malta

If arbitration and litigation have failed to provide a satisfactory result, one or both parties involved in a dispute are allowed to file a petition with one of the Maltese courts which will reach a final decision and impose a verdict. It is advisable to ask for support from our litigation attorneys in Malta when going in front of the courts of justice.

Court litigation in Malta follows specific steps. These are:

  1. the starting procedure which implies filing the case with the court and submitting the evidence;
  2. the second phase will imply sending the notification to the party accused of wrongdoing;
  3. the third phase is the actual process in which both parties are heard, and the evidence is analyzed;
  4. the fourth stage implies the magistrate’s analysis over the case and the issuance of the verdict.

Even if it might seem short, litigation carried out through court procedures can, in fact, last even a few years.

Our lawyers in Malta will make sure clients will benefit from all the support they need. For any question and personalized offers, we invite you to contact us.