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Aviation Law in Malta

Aviation Law in Malta

Malta has become an appreciated destination by aircraft operators in the European Union. Aircraft registration has also increased in Malta during the last years. Malta has a well-developed legislation on aviation.

Maltese legislation on aviation

Malta has a comprehensive legislation with respect to aviation regulations. Among these laws are:

  • – the Aircraft Ordinance,
  • – the Civil Aviation Act,
  • – the Civil Aviation Security Act.

In 2010, Malta has launched the Aircraft Registration Act that is intended to encourage the development of the aviation industry. The Maltese Aircraft Registration Law provides the legal framework for the registration of aircraft used for other than commercial purposes. The Aircraft Registration Act also provides the eligibility criteria for aircraft registration in Malta.

The Civil Aviation Act in Malta

The Civil Aviation Act was enabled in 1973 and provides the regulations for obtaining an air operator’s certificate and the conditions for providing air transport servicesMaltese companies undertaking air transport activities are also regulated by the Civil Aviation Act. Air transport undertakings refer to the carriage of passengers or cargo.

All Maltese companies undertaking air transport activities are required to register with the Authority for Transport. All Maltese aircraft operators are required to obtain a license before starting their activities. Air transport operator licenses are granted for specific routes and services. The operator license will be granted provided that the following conditions are met:

  • – the registered address of the company is in Malta,
  • – the main business objective of the company is air transport,
  • – the company is owned by an EU or Maltese citizen or legal entity.

The authority will grant the operator license only if the applicant has a valid air operator’s certificate.

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International aviation laws applicable in Malta

As a recognized international aviation center, Malta adopted the EU directives with respect to aircraft registration in order to ease the access of foreign investors in the country. Malta is also a signatory member of the Cape Town Convention on International Interests in Mobile Equipment and Aircraft Protocol and of the Chicago Convention. Malta also recognizes international air operators’ certificates and flight crew and engineers’ licenses.

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