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Business Consulting in Malta

Business consulting services have the main goal to improve a company’s operations and make better use of its resources. Our lawyers in Malta can provide you a wide range of business consulting services. The services our Maltese lawyers offer can help companies to explore new possibilities for growth and to choose the right path for that growth. Our Maltese law firm also helps clients who want to set up a new company by providing customized solutions.

Consulting services in Malta

Our law firm in Malta can provide consultancy related to the following matters:

–       legal;

–       taxation;

–       company incorporation;

–       labor;

–       banking;

–      intellectual property;

–      real estate.

Corporate consulting services in Malta

Our Maltese business consultants can help you with the incorporation process of all types of companies: private limited liability companies, public limited liability companies, limited or general partnerships, subsidiaries or representative offices. We can also obtain all the necessary permits and licenses required by the Maltese Company Law. Our consultants in Malta can also provide you with details about the shareholding structure of companies, the minimum capital required depending on the type of company clients opt for. Our consultancy services for Maltese investors also consist of allowing clients to choose the appropriate shareholding structure for a company.

If you need legal services in other countries/cities we can put you in touch with our partners.

Taxation consulting services in Malta

It is a known fact that the flexible tax system attracts foreign investments, that is why our consultants in Malta can also provide you with all the details about the Maltese value added tax, the corporate taxation, the double taxation treaties Malta has concluded with other countries and the tax registration. Our Maltese accountants can also offer their expertise in special tax structures that can help maximize incomes. Moreover, in Malta clients can benefit from guidance in import and export taxation matters and EORI registration with the customs authorities.

Interested in purchasing a property in Malta? Our lawyers can offer you specialized services. The documents of the chosen property must be checked from a legal point of view so that the clients have a guarantee that there are no disputes. The sale-purchase contract must include details about the transaction, the price of the property, the method of payment, the description of the chosen property as well as information about the seller and the buyer. We invite you to contact us for legal advice.

Real estate consulting services in Malta

Malta has a developed real estate market that led to property purchases and rentals for living, offices, but for commercial purposes, as well. Our business consultants in Malta can help you with the due diligence process before purchasing a property, they can also draft the purchase-sales contracts and they advise you in making the right choice when it comes to buying a property.

Our consultans have the know-how to help you in all matters above, so you can contact our Maltese lawyers for solutions for your company.

If you need legal services related to personal injuries we can put you in touch with our partners.