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Create a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Malta

Create a Company in the Healthcare Sector in Malta

With a great number of innovation laboratories, the healthcare industry is one of the best sectors to invest in Malta at the moment. Foreign investors have the same rights as local ones in terms of company registration in the healthcare industry. Moreover, doctors and other specialists in the healthcare domain can have their qualifications recognized if they come from a EU or non-EU countries after passing a professional and a linguistic exam.

All licenses issued for professionals in the healthcare industry are issued by the Medical Council of Malta, in accordance with the Health Care Professions Act and the Civil Law. Our attorneys in Malta can offer information on the laws related to the healthcare sector.

Registering a company in the healthcare industry in Malta

Apart from the Civil Code, the Commercial Law also covers the establishment of businesses in the Maltese healthcare sector. Under the Commercial Code, one can register a limited liability company or a joint stock company when setting up a business in the healthcare sector. However, doctors can also open private practices and register as sole traders in order to offer their services.

The healthcare industry in Malta implies many areas of activities, one of the most prolific ones being innovation in the medical sector. For this type of businesses, the Maltese government offers various incentives, some of them related to taxation. Our Maltese lawyers can offer more information on the incentives available for the research and development industry.

Types of licenses for the healthcare sector in Malta

Companies operating in the healthcare industry in Malta can obtain various licenses depending on the services they intend to offer. In some cases, special permits are required. The Medical Council of Malta issues the following types of licenses:

  • –          licenses for pharmaceutical activities;
  • –          private medical licenses;
  • –          medical laboratory licenses;
  • –          chiropody licenses;
  • –          acupuncture licenses;
  • –          dental clinic licenses;
  • –          physiotherapy licenses;
  • –          X-ray clinic licenses.

Apart from these, a special category in the healthcare industry in Malta is the beauty sector for which the Medical Council issues body piercing and tattooist studio licenses and semi-permanent make-up studio licenses.

For full information on how to create a business in the healthcare sector, please contact our Maltese law firm.