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Criminal Lawyers in Malta

Criminal Lawyers in Malta

Malta is a country with a relatively low criminal rate, however, like other countries persons and companies can find themselves in the difficult position of facing criminal charges or being in the opposite side and bring accusations to those harming them. No matter the situation, the help and advice of a criminal lawyer in Malta is essential when trying to build and win a case.

Below, our lawyers in Malta present the main legal services we can provide you with in relation to various crimes, ranging from civil law matters to criminal law ones. If you have any question about a situation, one of our Maltese criminal lawyers can guide you.

Types of criminal cases in Malta

There are two important laws that provide for the resolution of various crimes: the Civil Law and the Criminal Code. The resolution of a criminal case depends on its gravity and the incidence of the law it falls under. To understand how procedures related to various offences work, you will need the assistance of a criminal lawyer in Malta.Our law firm in Malta has experience in various criminal matters and can offer tailored services in accordance with the specifics of the case.

Types of criminal lawyers in Malta

Our attorneys in Malta are specialized in various fields of the law and among our criminal lawyers, you can benefit from the help of one of the following:

  1. criminal defense lawyers who can provide assistance in cases related to homicide, manslaughter, etc.;
  2. corporate crime lawyers who can assist in cases related to corporate fraud, money laundering and tax evasion;
  3. domestic abuse lawyers who can handle all sorts of criminal matters associated with the Family Law;
  4. cybercrimes lawyers who can provide their assistance in matters related to computer crimes;
  5. employment and benefit fraud lawyers who can offer their assistance in criminal matters related to obtaining various benefits from employment frauds.

There are also criminal lawyers who can help people or companies being cheated into various types of agreements or who are sold products that do not exist. Our criminal lawyers in Malta can offer their legal expertise in the situations mentioned above, but also others.

How can a Maltese criminal lawyer help?

When talking about taking a case to a criminal lawyer, it sounds pretty serious, however, such an attorney is not only about representation before a Maltese court of justice. A Maltese lawyer will first of all offer legal advice about pursuing the correct approach in a case. Then, a criminal attorney can offer representation before other authorities, such as police officers.

criminal lawyer in Malta is essential when dealing with serious accusations, as he or she will be able to gather and organize evidence, can file various documents on behalf of the client and only in the last stage represent them in court. As for our attorneys, they will do their best to preventing clients from going to jail or, if they are in jail, to help them get out.

If you consider you are in a situation that requires the attention of a criminal lawyer, it is best to request legal assistance from the beginning instead of waiting to see what happens. This will ease your and your lawyer’s case. Our Maltese law firm can offer legal assistance in various cases, including advice in civil matters.

How to choose a criminal lawyer

There are plenty of places and websites where criminal lawyers in Malta can be found, however, the only way to see if they can help you is to see if they are part of the Chamber of Advocates, the main body of warranted lawyers enrolled with the Maltese Bar Association. Our lawyers in Malta are members of the Bar Association and provide services in various cities in the country.

Criminal courts in Malta

When dealing with a criminal case in Malta, one of the following courts can try it:

  • the Court of Magistrates which can act as a court of criminal judicature or inquiry;
  • the Criminal Court which handles cases that exceed the powers of the Court of Magistrates;
  • the Court of Criminal Appeal which tries appeals from the other two courts.

Criminal cases are handled by Maltese courts in accordance with the penalties they can issue, as follows:

  • the Magistrates Court will try cases not exceeding 6 months of punishment as imprisonment;
  • when acting as a court of criminal judicatures, the Magistrates Court can try case of up to 10 years of imprisonment;
  • the Criminal Court will deal with cases that exceed 6 months;
  • the Court of Appeal will try cases handled by both courts mentioned above, however, the appeal must be filed within 8 days from the previous sentence.

Support offered by our corporate lawyers in Malta

Litigation cases might occur when at least expected in a company. A corporate lawyer with experience will know how to handle a situation like this, right from the start. Money laundering, fiscal evasion, and corporate fraud are among the areas covered by our specialists from a legal point of view. Gathering evidence and discussing with the persons involved in a corporate fraud case represent the main steps for defence and legal support. Our corporate lawyers in Malta can represent companies implicated in corporate fraud cases and also natural persons accused of business crimes. The support of our specialists will prove extremely helpful right from the start.

FAQ about business and corporate fraud

1. What can a criminal lawyer in Malta do in the face of allegations of fraud in a company?

Allegations of fraud in a business are extremely serious and can affect the entire organization and beyond. Our criminal lawyers in Malta will gather evidence and discuss with those accused of fraud to determine what was behind them and whether it can be drawn up in the case.

2. Can a criminal lawyer in Malta provide specialized help and represent a company?

Of course, in addition to the legal representation and specialized help offered by a criminal lawyer in Malta, companies can also benefit from such support. A dedicated team in this field can be the ideal solution for business fraud allegations.

3. Can a criminal lawyer in Malta assist in cybercrime cases?

Of course, you can rely on the legal support provided by our lawyers with experience in the online area. The business environment can be vulnerable to cyber-attacks if it is not fully protected. But in such cases, you can rely on the legal help of our criminal lawyers in Malta.

4. Can I ask for help with tax evasion charges?

Another extremely serious area is financial and tax evasion that can be discovered at any time. If you are accused of money laundering or if your business has been financially blocked, do not hesitate to talk to our specialists. Our criminal lawyers in Malta can represent you from the very beginning.

5. How can we help clients behind bars for allegations of business fraud?

Our specialists will carefully analyze the case presented, the accusations, and the decisions that led to the incarceration of the individuals accused of fraud. Experience can have its say in this directive because a criminal lawyer in Malta can discover various breaches in the law, which can be an advantage for the client.

6. Can I receive legal aid if I am in police custody?

Of course, the detainees must contact our team of lawyers and find out what their rights are in such cases. People are advised not to answer police questions if they have not received legal aid in the first phase.

7. What happens if I do not ask for legal help in time?

Unfortunately, cases of fraud or any kind of crime in business and not only can be aggravated without specialized help. Even if you have the feeling that you can easily represent yourself before the authorities, things are different because a criminal lawyer in Malta will know how to proceed from a legal point of view, from the very beginning.

8. How can I choose a criminal lawyer in Malta?

The experience in various successfully resolved cases is what will determine you to work with a certain lawyer or not. Our lawyers in Malta are appreciated for their work in the field, so you can count on their help. In addition, our lawyers are part of the Chamber of Advocates and Bar Association.

9. Why use the services of criminal lawyers in Malta?

It is very simple to benefit from specialized help and support as soon as possible. We treat each case with professionalism and transparency, to offer the best results to our clients.

10. Can a criminal lawyer help me in Malta and other fields?

Of course, one of our specialists will take over the case and offer you the necessary help, depending on the data presented.

Here are some statistics on crime in Malta:

  1. According to osac.gov, Malta is a fairly safe destination in terms of crime, with an average growth rate in Valletta, the country’s capital.
  2. The domestic violence fell by 54% in Malta, according to 2019 figures.
  3. Also, in the same year, the level of fraud registered in Malta decreased by 20 percent.
  4. Instead, cyber-attacks have been on the rise in Malta lately.

If you find yourself in need of a criminal lawyer in Malta, please contact our law firm.