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EORI Registration in Malta

EORI Registration in Malta

The EORI number is similar to the VAT number in order to avoid major changes in the operating systems of the authorities. Business owners who want to set up trading companies and obtain EORI numbers in 2024 can rely on the support of our lawyers in Malta.

EORI in Malta

The EORI system is implemented at national level and at EU level. Malta Customs Authority allocates EORI numbers to economic operators who have dealings with the Maltese authorities and that EORI number will be valid throughout the Community. After the Maltese authorities have allocated an EORI number to an economic operator, they must announce the European Commission about all details and information regarding the economic operator. All information is stored by the European Commission in its database and it can be accessed by authorities in any EU member state only with the approval of the economic trader in question. Maltese authorities firstly request the consent of economic traders before publishing any data about them.

Our law firm in Malta can help foreign companies setting up businesses here to register for EORI numbers. We can also help you open a business in other countries with the help of our local partners. 

Are EORI numbers mandatory for companies in Malta?

No, EORI registration is not mandatory when completing trading activities within the country or with companies outside the European Union. EORI registration becomes mandatory when a company or individual engages in commercial activities which need to go through Customs with entities in other EU states.

If you need information on how to register for EORI in 2024, our lawyers in Malta are at your disposal with complete information. It is useful to know that the procedure is simple and can be completed in just a few steps.

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EORI registration requirements in Malta in 2024

As of February 1st, 2024, any EORI registration lacking a valid postcode in its records became unusable in NCTS and/or AES systems. Consequently, all Economic Operators participating in transit or AES-based export procedures were required to ensure their EORI registration included a valid postcode. This implies that starting in February if your shipment encounters border delays due to a missing postcode, it may be held until the necessary information is updated by the National Authority of the Member State where your company is registered. To prevent such problems, all Economic Operators should review the data in their EORI registration and, if necessary, amend it to include a valid postcode. Our Maltese lawyers can also offer you help in this regard.

Both individuals and companies in Malta are required to apply for EORI numbers upon their first interaction with the Customs Authorities for trading with entities in another EU member state. It should be noted that in order to register for EORI, an individual or company first needs to obtain a VAT number. Here are the requirements you need to consider for EORI registration in 2024:

  • For this purpose, a VAT certificate must be obtained from the local tax office in the Maltese city the business or citizen is registered, respectively lives in.
  • The EORI number assigned will be unique and will allow for easy recognition of an operator by the customs authorities in all EU countries. Also, the EORI number obtained is valid on the entire EU territory.
  • Companies registered outside the EU can also register for EORI in Malta if their first interaction with an EU customs authority takes place here. The EORI number obtained in Malta of the non-EU entity will be valid throughout the entire EU territory, just like in the case of a domestic one.

With a vast expertise in various fields, our Maltese law firm can help foreign companies set up their presence in this country and obtain the necessary licenses and permits, as well as EORI numbers to trade in the EU. You can read about the EORI registration procedure in Malta in the scheme below:


Structure of EORI number in Malta

All Maltese EORI numbers start with the country code which is MT. Since de decision of making EORI numbers similar to the companies’ VAT numbers, EORI numbers in Malta are corresponding with the economic operators’ VAT numbers, with a few exceptions. In customs declarations, economic operators must enter their VAT number with the country code MT in front.

Registration for EORI in Malta in 2024

In order to register for EORI in Malta in 2024, economic operators must contact the Customs House in Valletta and submit the VAT certificate, the MFSA (Malta Financial Services Authority) certificate and a copy after the identification document of the director of the company in Malta. For an economic operator outside the Community, a customs declaration according to Articles 225 or 238 of the Regulation 2454/93 must be submitted.

Activities to be completed based on EORI registration in Malta

EORI numbers allow for easy administration of economic operators’ activities and will reduce significantly the time spent with Customs operations. There are several activities that can be completed based on an EOR number, among these we mention the following:

  1. file summary and customs declarations with the Customs authorities in Malta or other EU states;
  2. file exit and entry summary declarations for temporary admission import procedures;
  3. operate temporary storage facilities on the territory of Malta or other EU states;
  4. apply for various authorizations and certificates, including Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificates with Customs authorities.

Companies should formally request the EORI code from the Maltese customs authorities where the company first exports.  Once the economic operator received the EORI number, it can use it for exports to any of the European Union member countries.

Foreign traders applying for EORI numbers in Malta

Foreign citizens and companies entering trading relations with a Maltese company for the first time will need to lodge their EORI registration application with the Maltese Customs Authorities. They will be required to submit copies of their identification papers in the case of individuals, respectively of copies of the Certificate of Registration and the VAT certificate. 

For foreign companies who want to develop trading activities with Malta, the EORI number is formed of the MT prefix of the country, the trader’s country code, and the number assigned by the Customs Authority in Malta. Our Maltese lawyers provide more information on the structure of the EORI number.

How long does it take to obtain an EORI number in Malta?

Provided that the documents required by the Maltese Customs are in place, it takes no more than 4 or 5 working days to obtain the EORI number for local companies, sole traders and residents. In the case of foreign operators, the procedure can take a few days longer.

The EORI number issued in Malta starts with the MT country code and has the same structure as EU-based operators EORI numbers. Instead of dealing with complexities at the time of registration, the Maltese EORI registration for foreign economic operators can be managed by our Maltese lawyers.

The VAT in Malta

As mentioned above, EORI registration is based on the VAT number, which is why a company or individual must be registered for the value added tax in Malta in order to be issued an EORI number.

As a general information, it is good to know that the VAT in Malta:

  • is levied at a standard rate of 18% on most goods and services supplied in Malta;
  • Malta added to its existing 7% and 5% reduced VAT rates with a new reduced rate of 12%;
  • VAT registration is required upon reaching specific turnover thresholds ranging between 12,000 and 35,000 euros;
  • tax returns must be filed by the 30th of June for individuals and no later than 9 months after the end of the financial year for companies.

If you want details about EORI registration in 2024 or want to set up a business and EORI registration you can contact our law firm in Malta.