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Establish a Company in the Information Technology in Malta

Establish a Company in the Information Technology in Malta

The information technology industry in Malta is represented by a large number of companies. In order to support this sector, Malta has also enabled the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Law in 2004 when a strategy for turning the country into an important technological center within Europe was launched. Now, Malta has developed a new strategy which will be unfold until 2020 through which the government plans to assist IT companies and to attract foreign investors interested in the information technology industry.

Our lawyers in Malta can offer more information on the legislation covering the information and communication technology here.

Starting a business in the ICT industry in Malta

Startups are the predominant type of businesses operating in the ICT sector in Malta at this moment and they benefit from various tax exemptions. This is why establishing a company in the information technology sector can bring substantial benefits to young entrepreneurs. The first step to open an IT business is to register a company with the Trade Registrar in Malta and then apply for the required licenses based on the services to be offered. Among the most successful types of businesses operating in the Maltese information technology industry are companies creating programs, games and electronic payment solutions. However, there are also activities an IT company can offer in Malta, the services industry being one of the most important ones using programs.

Our Maltese law firm can assist with the registration process of a company in the information technology sector.

Licenses for the information technology sector in Malta

Considering the broad specter of services an information technology company can offer, a Maltese business owner must apply for certain special licenses related to the ICT sector, but also to request specific authorization from institutions such as the Financial Supervisory Authority if they operate in the financial technology industry. An authorization from the Malta Communications Authority is also required.

For full information on the licenses required to open a company in the information technology industry, please contact our attorneys in Malta. You can also rely on us for assistance with the company formation process.