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Establish a Hotel in Malta

Establish a Hotel in Malta

Foreign investors interested in starting a business in the tourism industry can set up various types of businesses. Among these are travel agencies, restaurants or hotels. No matter the type of establishment, the Travel and Tourism Services Act is the main law governing this sector. The Travel and Tourism Services Law was last amended in 2012. Malta has also integrated the EU legislation in its national legal framework related to setting up a hotel.

Our Maltese lawyers can offer more information on the laws related to opening a hotel in this country.

Types of accommodation establishments in Malta

The Maltese legislation allows for various types of accommodation establishments to be opened, this way offering investment opportunities to a wider range of investors. Those interested in starting a smaller tourism business can open guest houses, villas, holiday furnish premises (HFPs) and host families establishments. Foreign investors interested in setting up larger businesses can open hotels, hostels or even farmhouses in Malta. Nevertheless, opening a hotel is by far one of the most prolific business in the tourism industry in Malta.

Requirements to open a hotel in Malta

Once the foreign investor has decided to establish a Maltese hotel, the company registration procedure must be completed. This is the same for any type of business one decides to open in Malta. It is best to request the legal services of a law firm in Malta in order to comply with all the requirements imposed by the Company Law in terms of registering a company in this country. The main types of entities used to create a hotel in Malta are the private limited liability company and the joint stock company.

Licensing and classification of hotels in Malta

No matter the type of accommodation establishment one opens in Malta, a license from the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) must be obtained. This special permit is issued right after a tourism compliance certificate and a tourism design guidelines certificate have been obtained with the Malta Environment and Planning Authority. With respect to the classification of hotels in Malta, these can receive from 1 to 5 stars, depending on the services and facilities they offer.

For assistance in opening a hotel in this country, do not hesitate to contact our attorneys in Malta.