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GDPR Regulations in Malta

GDPR Regulations in Malta

Announced a few years ago, the General Data Protection Regulation, simply known as GDPR, is the European Union’s member states new set of laws which provide for an enhanced protection of personal data of individuals gathered by companies.

Malta adhered to the GDPR at the end of May 2018 when it was implemented in all EU states. This means all Maltese companies, no matter if they complete their activities online or offline, must put in place systems which help them to comply with the GDPR rules. This also means that companies must comply with them from a legal point of view, case in which our Maltese lawyers can advise.

What does the GDPR mean for Maltese companies?

Maltese companies which process personal information must now comply with the GDPR regulations by:

  • –          displaying information about the fact that they gather and store personal information;
  • –          customers must be able to understand the information they are asked for and must be able to decline to provide that information;
  • –          once the information is offered, the customer must be allowed to request for the information to be deleted;
  • –          Maltese companies are required to appoint GDPR officers who must ensure the business complies with the new rules.

It should be noted that Maltese companies must apply these rules no matter if their clients are locals or foreigners. Our law firm in Malta can advise company representatives on the legal measures they need to take in order to comply with the GDPR regulations.

Legal assistance on GDPR in Malta

Both foreign and local investors opening companies in Malta are required to comply with the GDPR regulations. From a legal point of view, this means having a GDPR officer who will make sure that the company respects the new rules all the time.

Our lawyers in Malta can advise on the following matters when it comes to implementing the GDPR rules:

  • –          how to draft the consent forms for customers to be able to understand them;
  • –          how to create a risk assessment plan in order to make sure the GDPR officer knows what to trace;
  • –          assistance in preparing privacy policies and other consent documents related to personal data processing;
  • –          assistance in litigation, arbitration or mediation matters related to GDPR issues.

Please watch our video on GDPR in Malta:

For full information on the new GDRP rules and how they affect Maltese companies, please contact our law firm.