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Legal Advisory for Malta Start-Ups

Legal Advisory for Malta Start-Ups

According the governmental agency, MaltaEnterprise, businesses in the setting up stage and companies just starting their activities can be referred to as start-ups. This type of Maltese companies have gained a lot of popularity during the last few years as they can benefit from several types of support from the Government, but also from the private sector. The number of foreign investors opening companies in Malta has also increased lately which is why legal advice is most of the times necessary in order to run a successful business. Our Maltese lawyers provide legal advisory for foreign entrepreneurs setting up companies in the country.

Governmental assistance for Maltese start-ups

 The Maltese Government is deeply involved in assisting start-up companies to develop. Among the best programs they provide are:

  • –          the Micro Invest Scheme,
  • –          the Business Advisory Scheme,
  • –          the Business Development Scheme,
  • –          the Gozo Transport Grant Scheme,
  • –          the Network Support Scheme,
  • –          the Strengthening Market Entry and Internationalization Scheme.

Foreign investors starting companies in Malta may also qualify for the European Regional Development Fund for Small Start-Ups and thus obtain financing for their companies during the first 3 years. The Business Advisory Scheme was designated to aid start-up companies in Malta by providing them with various incentives.

Our Maltese lawyers can provide with information about each program.

The video below presents information about advisory services for start-ups in Malta:

Legal advisory from our Maltese lawyers

Foreign investors coming to Malta usually request information about the steps to open a company here. Among the services provided by our Maltese law firm are also legal advisory services which start with the actual set up of the company and continue in its start-up phase. Among the services offered by our attorneys to clients are:

  • –          assistance in evaluating the company’s strategies in order to achieve the desired results,
  • –          corporate and tax advice,
  • –          nominee shareholder services,
  • –          application for work permits for foreign employees,
  • –          assistance in applying for corporate loans,
  • –          assistance in obtaining governmental grants.

All services provided by our lawyers are personalized, so if you want to open a company in Malta and need legal assistance, do not hesitate to contact us.