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Legal Services in Saint Julian’s

Legal Services in Saint Julian’s

Saint Julian’s is located along the northern coast of Malta near Valletta. Seen as one of the most prolific Maltese cities, Saint Julian’s is famous as a touristic destination. However, not only the touristic industry is developed, as the city also offers numerous opportunities for operators in the maritime industry. Saint Julian’s also hosts a large number of companies operating in the gambling industry. Foreign investors seeking to set up companies in Malta and have decided for this city, are advised to get in touch with local professionals who will offer a detailed presentation of the local legislation. With a vast experience in corporate laws, our law firm in Malta can provide legal assistance to foreign enterprises.

Opening a company in Saint Julian’s

Among the legal services offered by our Maltese lawyers to foreign investors is company formation. In order to register a company in Saint Julian’s one needs to get acquainted with the Commercial Law which requires at least a shareholder for setting up a business. The law also requires a minimum share capital which varies depending on the type of structure. Our lawyers in Malta can provide you information about all the conditions to be fulfilled when starting a business in Saint Julian’s.

Among the legal services offered by our attorneys are drafting the company’s incorporation documentation and filing it with the Maltese Companies Registration Office. Our lawyers can also explain how to apply for one of the numerous grants offered by the Government for foreign investments in Malta.

Legal services related to taxation in Saint Julian’s

One of the most attractive attributes of Malta is its tax system. Our lawyers can offer legal advice to foreign investors so that they minimize their tax burden through efficient tax planning solutions. Our Maltese lawyers can offer information about Malta’s double tax treaties and the type of companies which benefit from favorable tax regimes.

Our lawyers in Malta provide tailored solutions for the clients’ companies in Saint Julian’s.

Legal services for foreign citizens in Saint Julian’s

Our law firm in Malta can assist in matters related to the Civil Law, such as family legislation. Foreign citizens moving to Saint Julian’s can request the legal services of our lawyers when applying for a residence permit or when renting or buying a property. Foreign clients can also rely on our attorneys if they are applying for Maltese citizenship.

For a complete list of all legal services available in Saint Julian’s, please contact our Maltese law firm.