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Legal Services in Valletta

Legal Services in Valletta

Valletta is the capital and one of the most developed cities of Malta. Foreign investors choosing to come to Malta must know that the country was assessed as one of the world’s most advanced economies by the International Monetary Fund which is a great result for such a small country. Among the industries thriving in Valletta at the moment are the services, transportation and financial ones. The capital-city also boasts a skilled and talented labor force which comprises both locals and foreigners.

Legal services for foreign investors coming to Valletta

Malta is recommended by several attributes among which a unique taxation system for companies, countless investment possibilities and high quality of life. As the number of foreign investors setting up companies in Valletta is rising, our Maltese lawyers are prepared to provide them with legal services. From information about the corporate and civil legislation to assistance in various situations you may count on our attorneys.

The following legal services are available for foreign entrepreneurs in Valletta:

  • –          assistance in establishing companies;
  • –          assistance in setting up branch offices of foreign companies;
  • –          assistance in corporate taxation matters;
  • –          assistance in applying for different types of business licenses.

Our lawyers in Malta can help you register a new company in Valletta or buy a ready-made one based on the clients’ needs and requests. From drafting company incorporation documents to filing them with the Maltese Companies Registrar, you can refer to our law firm. Nominee shareholder services are also available.

Legal assistance for foreign citizens moving to Valletta

Malta is one of the best countries to immigrate to in the European Union because of the high quality of life, employment and retirement opportunities. Foreign citizens can benefit from legal services provided by our Maltese lawyers for those moving to Valletta. Among these services are:

  • –          legal support in applying for a residence or a work visa;
  • –          legal assistance in buying or renting a property in Valletta;
  • –          legal assistance in obtaining citizenship in Malta;
  • –          assistance in accessing various residence programs.

For a complete list of all legal services available for foreign citizens in Valletta, you can contact our law firm in Malta at any time.