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Legal Services in Malta

Legal Services in Malta

Malta is an appealing destination for investors from all over the world. The country’s laws and unique taxation system attract thousands of foreign businesspersons every year. However, in order to fully benefit from them, it is advisable to ask for the services of qualified people who can explain, but most importantly, guide you in really obtaining all these advantages. We are a law firm in Malta, and we offer various legal services through our specialists who can guide on a wide variety of matters. We have a dedicated team made of lawyers who have a deep knowledge of the Maltese legislation. Below, we invite you to discover our main legal services.

Our lawyers in Malta provide a wide range of legal services for local and foreign clients interested in doing business in this small country.

Services provided by our lawyers in Malta

Our main legal services in Malta consist in business incorporation, however, we can also offer assistance in other civil and commercial legislation matters. Among these, we invite you to get in touch with us if you need one or more of the following:

  1. assistance in moving to Malta through a residence permit, as a businessperson or even through a citizenship by investment scheme;
  2. guidance in buying a property in Malta and the legislation than needs to be respected in this sense;
  3. legal services related to entering or exiting various legal agreements with partners in Malta;
  4. help in opening various types of businesses, obtaining the necessary licenses, but also shutting a business down;
  5. creation of various non-corporate structures, such as trusts, foundations and associations;
  6. assistance in employment legislation for employers and workers, including help in obtaining work permits;
  7. guidance in taxation matters – our lawyers in Malta can explain how to benefit from the favorable tax legislation;
  8. assistance in litigation cases and their resolution through mediation, arbitration on in court.

If there is any service you need and did not find it in the list above, we kindly invite you to solicit the advice of our attorneys in Malta.

Those who want to purchase a property in Malta can benefit from legal help from our lawyers. They can make a series of document checks to ensure clients that there are no disputes regarding the chosen property. We can also represent clients in front of the notary when the sale-purchase contract is signed. It is important to collaborate with our lawyers in order to benefit from a simple and fast process, with all the legal aspects in place.

Legal assistance in relocating to Malta

Malta is one of the most welcoming countries in Europe and the European Union and the authorities here have created a permissive legal framework for those who want to immigrate. There are several ways of moving to Malta, and among these we enumerate the possibility of coming here based on a temporary residence permit which allows for obtaining a permanent residence visa, but also through several residence and citizenship by investment programs. Among these, we mention the following:

  • the Malta Individual Investor Programme which requires a minimum investment of 650,000 euros;
  • the Malta Residence and Visa Programme which requires a minimum investment of 500,000 euros;
  • the Malta Expat Residential Scheme which requires minimum earnings of 75,000 euros per year;
  • the Expat Residential Scheme for retired people which requires a minimum annual income of 23,000 euros.

Our lawyers can represent applicants in their relation with the immigration authorities in Malta. If you need to move to another European country, such as France, we can put you in touch with our local partners.

Legal services related to the Maltese Civil Law

Our legal services in Malta are connected to the main provisions of the Civil Law and our lawyers can help foreign citizens and company representatives in buying various types of real estate. We can also help with legal due diligence reports in respect to the purchase of commercial and residential properties. Apart from these, we can also help those who need to draft and review legal documents and agreements before entering commercial or civil contracts. If you have any questions related to the provisions of the Civil Law on contracts, our Maltese lawyers can clarify them.

Assistance in company registration in Malta

The main legal services in Malta related to starting a business offered by our Maltese lawyers are the following:

– Incorporation of companies in Malta:

International clients who want to open a company may contact our law firm in Malta that will provide a full package of company formation services. Our Maltese attorneys will handle the entire process of company registration and they will help you prepare the documents required for opening any type of company available in this country. The most common type of firm you may open in Malta is the limited liability company which is suitable for small businesses. If you have a large business, we recommend you to set up a joint stock company and if you prefer another type of business, our lawyers in Malta will advice you. For your company in Malta we offer a virtual office, accounting services and other types of services you may need at the beginning of your economic activity.

 Setting up subsidiaries and/or branches in Malta:

Foreign companies interested in starting businesses in Malta often need to open a subsidiary or a branch of their parent company. Our law firm in Malta will help you incorporate the desired entity in just a few days. The representative of your company is not required to travel to this country in order to incorporate the new business because our lawyers in Malta will handle the entire procedure.

– Obtaining permits or licenses for your business:

There are certain types of businesses for which you need special permits and licenses before you start your activity. Our lawyers in Malta will submit all the necessary documents to the Maltese authorities and they will obtain the legal authorizations for your businesses.

– Mergers and acquisitions

If you intend to do a merger or an acquisition, our lawyers in Malta will offer you consultancy services and they will assist you at signing the papers. Legal services in Malta are at your disposal at anytime.

– Liquidation of Maltese companies:

When you need to close your company, it is advisable to consult a Maltese lawyer in order to find out the legal steps and procedures that you have to follow in your case.

– Corporate and commercial litigation:

For any trial in Malta, you may contact our Maltese lawyers who will represent you in front of the any court and in all stages of a litigation.

– Tax advice and planning:

At the beginning of your business in Malta, you will probably need tax advice in order to find out legal methods of tax minimization. You can save important amounts of money just by asking for financial planning.

Assistance in employment-related matters

Malta is one of the European countries that has multilingual work forces thanks to the large number of expats working here. This is possible because Malta is quite flexible when it comes to allowing foreign nationals to obtain work permits here. If you are an employer and need assistance in hiring employees, we can offer our legal support.

Tax lawyers in Malta

As mentioned in the beginning, Malta is renowned for its taxation system. With the help of our lawyers in Malta who are well acquainted with the tax legislation here, obtaining the main benefits related to this unique system is possible for foreign investors seeking to repatriate profits or starting businesses that qualify for tax exemption and even government funding.

Litigation attorneys in Malta

Our law firm can also represent clients in various disputes. We offer our support to those who want to resolve their legal problems through mediation or arbitration (two of the fastest dispute resolution methods), but we can also provide legal assistance in Maltese courts.

We invite you to watch a short video about the legal services offered by our lawyers in Malta for international clients interested in doing business in this country:

Business consulting for investors in Malta

Our Maltese lawyers can offer complete business consulting services to both local and foreign entrepreneurs who want to establish a business presence in Malta. The main target is to assist our clients in achieving the best possible results for their companies. With complete experience in this field, our experts can detect the right solutions for business owners who want to develop their activities in Malta. Legal advice related to taxation, business formation, intellectual property, banking, licenses and permits, real estate investments is offered to our customers who decide on working with us and ask for business consulting. We believe in solid communication and transparency right from the beginning of our collaboration, so feel free to get in touch with our experts and ask for legal services in Malta.

Legal advice for property purchase in Malta

International investors who want to purchase properties in Malta need to have a clear picture of the related legislation in this field. A real estate due diligence is quite recommended before any property purchase because this way one can be sure that the acquisition is not subject to hidden issues or legal problems, or illicit contracts. This is a field properly covered by a Maltese lawyer with experience in the real estate field, so we suggest you address your inquiries to our specialists when deciding on a property purchase in Malta.

Debt collection in Malta

Debt collection is another important field that can be properly handled from a legal point of view by our Maltese lawyers. Cases of unpaid debts might intervene in the business direction of a company, so the legal support of a lawyer in Malta is required. First of all, the amicable procedure is offered to debtors, plus a series of payment solutions attentively verified by our specialists. In case such proposals cannot be implemented or do not have chances of success, the debt collection case may be solved in a court of law. One of our debt collection lawyers in Malta can tell you more about the proceedings in this case and can also represent your interest. More about the legal services we can offer in Malta can be discussed with our experts.

Divorce lawyers in Malta

Couples who want to file for divorce in Malta can get in touch with our specialists in the field. The divorce procedure can be entirely explained by our Maltese attorneys who can represent each spouse. Information and legal advice about property distribution, child custody, and alimony are offered from the start when getting in touch with us. 

It is good to note that reconciliation is offered in the first place, however, if this is not a good option, the couple can continue with the divorce procedure in Malta. We suggest you address one of our divorce lawyers in Malta and see how you can be represented from a legal point of view.

Making investments in Malta

International entrepreneurs who want to make investments in Malta will have to observe the applicable legislation in this field and then decide on the right business solutions. A lawyer in Malta can offer the necessary legal advice and representation for those interested in the business field in Malta.

In matters of advantages, Malta offers a solid and highly valued business climate oriented towards international investors. Different business encouragements, the support of a qualified and skilled workforce, plus the possibility of starting a business with simple formalities represent a few of the advantages offered to domestic and international entrepreneurs in Malta. We present you a few facts and figures that outline the business and economy in Malta:

  1. More than USD 205 billion represented the total FDI recorded by Malta in 2019.
  2. In terms of simplified business, Malta ranked 88th out of 190 economies in the world, according to the 2020 Doing Business report.
  3. More than 50 double taxation treaties have been signed by Malta with countries worldwide with the scope of protecting the profits and avoid fiscal evasion.
  4. Around USD 309 million represented the total value of the greenfield investments in Malta in 2019.

Choose our legal services in Malta

It is important to prepare for business in Malta in a professional manner right from the start. Our legal services in Malta are tailored to the needs of our customers who are interested in expanding their portfolios in this country and who want to benefit from a correct and generous business climate. We work in complete professionalism, proficiency, and confidence to achieve excellent results alongside our clients.

For complete information on our legal services in Malta, do not hesitate to contact us.