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Malta Secretary Services

Malta Secretary Services

According to the Maltese Commercial Code, all companies are required to have a company secretary. The amendment was introduced in 1995 and companies may not start operating until they have appointed a secretary. Even if the role of company secretaries in Malta is administrative, they play an important role according to the Corporate Governance Code. Also, the Maltese legislation allows only natural persons to hold the company secretary position.

What are the responsibilities of Maltese company secretary?

The main responsibilities of Maltese company secretaries are purely administrative, without even being required to be involved in any managerial activities. The responsibilities of a Maltese company secretary can be divided into:

  • – board and general meetings duties,
  • – disclosing required information about the company,
  • – maintain the register of members,
  • – maintain the register of debentures,
  • – filing the required application,
  • – filing annual returns, accounts and other reports,
  • – notice any changes or appointments in company secretary or directors positions,
  • – other administrative duties.

The Maltese company secretary is also in charge with announcing all meetings in a timely manner and he/she needs to make sure that all documents are prepared and submitted according to the legislation. The company secretary will also register any changes in the company’s shareholding structure and notify the Maltese Commercial Register about these changes. The company secretary will also file all accounting documents with the Malta Financial Services Authority.

You may ask our Maltese lawyers about all the duties and responsibilities of company secretaries.

Company secretary services in Malta

Our law firm in Malta provides the following secretary services for foreign investors:

  • – drafting any required resolutions,
  • – preparing the minutes of the board of directors and shareholders’ meetings,
  • – performing any changes in the board of directors and shareholders,
  • – amending the company’s relevant documents,
  • – maintaining statutory records,
  • – filing the annual returns and accounting forms with the relevant authority,
  • – issuing and certifying any required documents.

For customized company secretary services, please contact our attorneys in Malta.