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Open a Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships in Malta

Open a Business for Repair and Maintenance of Ships in Malta

Malta is one of the most important maritime centers in Europe and in the last few years many investors from all corners of the world have started setting up businesses in the maritime sector here or simply registered their vessels under the Maltese flag.

Those who want to operate in the maritime sector but do not want to set up shipping companies can establish businesses for the supply of repair and maintenance services for vessel owners.

Below, our lawyers in Malta explain how to open a company for the repair and maintenance of ships and boats.

Requirements to open a boat repair and maintenance business in Malta

Compared to starting a shipping company which implies stricter requirements, opening a company for supplying repair and maintenance services to boat and ship owners is simpler from a legal point of view. This type of business is not required to apply for all the business permits required when transporting goods by sea. However, the company registration service will remain the same for the Maltese business.

Our law firm in Malta can help with the incorporation of the company offering repair and maintenance of ships and boats.

What types of vessel repair services can a Maltese company offer?

Maltese companies offering repair and maintenance for vessels can supply the following services:

  • –          welding and maintenance services for large shipping vessels in Maltese ports;
  • –          docking services for pleasure boats, such as yachts and sailing boats;
  • –          mechanical works and maintenance for all types of vessels arriving in Malta’s ports;
  • –          electrical and electronic repair and maintenance for all sorts of boats and ships.

Maltese companies can also provide tank, pipe and steel repair and maintenance services for boat owners.

Why start a boat repair business in Malta?

Among the reasons to choose the maritime sector and open a business for the repair and maintenance of ships and boats in Malta are the fact that the maritime industry is one of the most prolific economies in Malta and the country has one of the best workforces in this sector in Europe.

For assistance in setting up a business for the repair and maintenance of vessels or registering a boat in Malta, please feel free to contact our local law firm.