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Open a Company for Real Estate Activities in Malta

Open a Company for Real Estate Activities in Malta

Malta is one of the few European countries to have an extensive global residency and citizenship programs which has led to the very fast development of the real estate market. This is because foreign citizens who want to relocate to Malta through one of the special programs can purchase or rent a property in any Maltese city, as long as the value of the house or apartment complies with the legal requirements.

Foreign investors who want to take advantage of these programs can set up companies with the main domain of activity in the real estate sector. Our lawyers in Malta can assist with the registration of the company.

Registering a real estate business in Malta

The process for setting up a company for real estate activities in Malta is not complicated and can be completed in a matter of days. Also, there are no special requirements for the owner or the employees of the companies with respect to the services they offer.

When it comes to the services the real estate business offers, these can range from simple rental and sale of properties, real estate due diligence and up to construction of various types of real estate. In the last case working with specialists in construction is advisable. The real estate company can also work with a law firm in Malta if it wants to offer consultancy for those who want to purchase or rent properties under one of the residency schemes.

Special licenses for real estate companies in Malta

There are no special requisites or licenses for simple real estate agencies at the moment, however the government is considering the introduction of a real estate agent license in the near future. The license will have the role of enhancing client protection and creating a competitive environment on the real estate market.

Companies with real estate activities involved in construction activities must apply for construction permits with the local authorities. They must also comply with various laws related to environment issues.

If you want to set up a company for real estate activities in Malta, our local law firm can offer assistance with the registration of the business. You can also contact us for assistance with the procedure of immigrating to Malta through the Global Residence program.