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Open a Company in Agriculture in Malta

Open a Company in Agriculture in Malta

Due to its geographical location, Malta is a suitable country to set up an agricultural business in. Moreover, its geographical position enables all types of companies operating here to export their products to both the EU and African markets from which they can be further shipped.

Seeing the great potential agriculture has, the government has enabled various policies in order to help agricultural companies to thrive. The last initiative was enabled at the end of last year and proposes the development of farms through diversification by the end of 2025.

Our lawyers in Malta can offer more information on how to create an agricultural company in this country.

The Agricultural Leases Act in Malta

Apart from the governmental policies which are developed to cater to the needs of farmers for specific periods of time, Malta also has a main law which governs the agricultural industry. This is the Agricultural Leases (Reletting) Law which dates back in 1967 and last amended in 2009.

This law applies to foreign investors interested in setting up businesses in agriculture in Malta by leasing land plots they can cultivate. According to the Agricultural Law, one can grow:

  • –          flowers;
  • –          trees;
  • –          vines;
  • –          cereal crops;
  • –          livestock.

Foreign investors interested in starting an agricultural business are also allowed to set up glass houses for cultivating their products, according to the law. Our attorneys in Malta can offer more information on the Agricultural Act.

How to register a business in the agricultural sector in Malta

Once the requirements of the Agricultural Law have been reviewed and complied with, local and foreign investors can start the company registration process. They must first select the business form, have the paperwork prepared and filed with the Trade Register.

Once these steps are completed, the agricultural company must apply for various licenses and permits and undergo the verifications imposed by the authorities. For products destined for export, a permit from the Customs Office is required.

For full information on the licensing requirements related to starting a business in agriculture in Malta, please contact us. Our law firm in Malta can also help with the preparation of the documents related to opening an agricultural company.