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Open a Company in the Construction Field in Malta

Open a Company in the Construction Field in Malta

The construction and real estate industries work hand in hand and together make some of the most developed economic sectors in MaltaConstruction companies in Malta deal with the development of residential and commercial projects which bring them constant incomes, therefore starting a business in the construction sector is quite profitable these days.

Before starting operating a Maltese construction company, the owner must comply with a few laws, among which the Building Regulations Law, the Development Planning Act and the Environmental Management Construction Site Regulations. Our lawyers in Malta can offer additional information on the other laws governing the construction industry.

How to register a construction business in Malta

The Commercial Code is the main law providing for company registration in Malta which is the first step when creating a business in the construction sector. The set of documents which must be filed with the Companies Registrar implies the memorandum and articles of association, information about the company’s owners and the receipt showing the minimum share capital which must be deposited with a local bank.  Our law firm in Malta can assist foreign investor who want to open construction companies in this country with the registration of private of public limited liability companies.

Obtaining construction permits in Malta

All companies operating in the construction field in Malta must apply for construction permits with the Malta Environment and Planning Authority, MEPA.  In order to obtain the construction permit, the following documents must be filed with MEPA:

  • –          an application form;
  • –          a fire and safety certificate which is issued by an engineer.

Based on these documents MEPA will issue a screening letter and a permit application report, following which an approval from the Building Regulations Office must be obtained. The last step to obtain a construction permit in Malta is to apply for the work notice and official alignment with MEPA. Once the construction has ended, the building must undergo an inspection followed by the issuance of a compliance certificate issued by MEPA.

For assistance in starting a company in the construction field, please contact our Maltese lawyers.