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Open a Marketing and Advertising Company in Malta

Open a Marketing and Advertising Company in Malta

Enterprisers who want to start a business in Malta can open companies in various industries. There are the industries which require a significant capital and there are the niche sectors which allow young entrepreneurs to open small companies. Among the latter, the advertising industry has become quite popular in Malta.

Foreign investors who want to open marketing and advertising agencies in Malta will benefit from the same conditions as local investors. Our lawyers in Malta can explain these requirements.

Regulations imposed in the advertising industry in Malta

Marketing and advertising are well regulated in Malta and fall under several laws. The most important one is the Billboards and Advertisements Regulations which was recently amended. The changes are related to digital marketing and advertising companies offering services in Malta.

The law provides for all types of advertisements and the places they can be located in. Advertisements and billboards are divided into:

  • –          ads placed on public roads;
  • –          ads placed on vehicles;
  • –          ads placed private property land;
  • –          ads placed on the façade of a property.

The newest category of advertisements refers to digital ads.

Our law firm in Malta can help foreign investors who want to register a marketing and advertising business in this country.

Registration requirements for marketing companies in Malta

There are no special requirements or licenses related to setting up a marketing or advertising company in Malta. The first step to open this type of venture will be choosing the business form and then preparing a set of documents for incorporation and filing them with the Trade Register. Foreign enterprisers usually prefer the sole proprietorship or the limited liability company as a business vehicle for their marketing and advertising companies.

Once the company is registered, the business owner can start offering various services. It must be taken into consideration that in certain cases the approval of certain authorities is required. One of the best examples is the advertising of medical products which require the approval of the Medicines Authority in Malta.

If you want to open a marketing and advertising company in Malta, please contact our local lawyers for assistance.