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Open a Restaurant in Malta

Open a Restaurant in Malta

Foreign and local enterprisers seeking to open a food business in Malta can choose various cities with potential in the tourism industry. They have various options when deciding the type of business they can open:

  • –          catering company;
  • –          fast-food business;
  • –          bar;
  • –          restaurant.

Opening a restaurant in Malta, which is the most complex type of food establishment, implies respecting various laws. Our lawyers in Malta can offer full information on the legislation covering the food industry.

Legislation related to food establishments in Malta

Investors seeking to open restaurants in Malta must comply with the following laws:

  • –          the Food Safety Law;
  • –          the Hygiene of Foodstuff Act;
  • –          the General Principles of the Food Law;
  • –          the Official Control of the Foodstuffs Act;
  • –          the Import Control Act.

These are just a part of the laws related to setting up a Maltese restaurant. Owners of food establishments in Malta must also respect several laws related to the marketing of products such as olive oil, eggs and poultry and vegetables.

Registering a food business in Malta

No matter the nationality of the entrepreneur, the first step to set up a restaurant in this country is to register a company with the Maltese Trade Register. The simplest way of doing that is to request the services of a Maltese law firm, for example, which will handle the company registration process from the beginning to the end. Then, the licensing phase must be completed.

Specific requirements for opening a restaurant in Malta

There are various requirements when opening a restaurant in Malta. First of all, the premises must correspond with the Food Safety Commission’s regulations. Secondly, the restaurant must comply with the following:

  • –          cleaning requisites;
  • –          cooking requirements;
  • –          chilling requirements;
  • –          cross-contamination requisites.

The employees of restaurants are also subject to various requirements related to the experience they must have and the health regulations imposed by the Regional Environmental Health Directorate.

Once these measures are ensured, the restaurant will be issued with the special license which will enable to start its activities. Also, the Maltese restaurant must undergo an inspection from the Environmental Health Directorate 28 days before the opening.

For full information on how to open a restaurant in Malta, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also reach our attorneys in Malta for assistance with the company registration procedure.