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Open a Transporting and Storage Company in Malta

Open a Transporting and Storage Company in Malta

Malta does not have a very large land transportation network because it is an insular state, therefore the air and water transportation networks are much more developed. Even if it not large, Malta boasts one of the most modern land transportation systems in Europe which makes a very appealing destination for those who want to open transporting and storage businesses here.

Foreign investors who want start transportation and storage companies in Malta must comply with various laws, one of the most important being the Transport Law. The legislation imposed to transportation and storage companies can be explained by our law firm in Malta.

Laws applicable to transportation companies in Malta

Depending on how to goods will be transported a transportation and storage company must comply with the following laws:

  • –          the Ports Regulations;
  • –          the Civil Aviation Regulations;
  • –          the Air Navigation Order;
  • –          the Road Tolls and User Charges Regulations;
  • –          the Vehicle Hire Services Regulations;
  • –          the Safety Requirements for Tunnels in the Trans-European Road Network Regulations.

Transporting and storage regulations in Malta must also comply with special tax regulations for the goods they are carrying and storing in various facilities. Also, tax exemptions for the storage of goods are offered for companies with warehouses in Maltese free zones.

How to register a transporting and storage company in Malta

The first step to open a transporting and storage business in Malta is to register the company with the Trade Registrar.  Following that, in the case of land transportation companiesfreight vehicles must be purchased and registered with the Malta Transport Authority (MTA). 

Following the company registration, a special license issued by the MTA is necessary. This license is called a goods transport operator’s license and is issued in accordance with the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Regulations.

The license is issued for the following types of transporting companies in Malta:

  • –          for freight forwarders;
  • –          for courier companies;
  • –          for national and international goods transport operators.

For full information or assistance with the establishment of a transporting and storage business, please feel free to contact our lawyers in Malta