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Open an Online Shop in Malta

Open an Online Shop in Malta

Enterprisers who want to start a business in Malta without too much hustle can open various types of companies in the retail industry. From small deli shops to larger FMCG companies, retail businesses can thrive in the cities and towns of Malta. However, the retail industry is not only about setting up physical stores, as during the last several years these have moved to the online environment.

Investors seeking to open an online shop in Malta have the same options as those who create physical ones. Our lawyers in Malta can offer information on the laws governing the online retail industry.

What are the conditions for opening an online shop in Malta?

If you decide for an online business in Malta, we suggest you observe the requirements linked to the registration of the firm, among which, the name verification and reservation, the submission of the Articles of Association that are the company’s main documents with information about the owners and the activities of the company. The following matters are part of the registration process of the online shop in Malta:

  • for selling of goods and services on the internet, special licenses are required;
  • the company must be registered with the Maltese Trade Register (one can choose an LLC or a sole proprietorship);
  • the domain name needs to be registered as soon as it is acquired;
  • a merchant account needs to be opened in order to provide the payment methods for customers;
  • before starting the activities, the business needs to be registered for tax purposes.

Focusing on e-commerce as a foreign entrepreneur in Malta offers thechance to grow in a solid and promising business sector. We remind that support for obtaining the necessary business licenses can be provided by our team of advisors.

Advantages of online stores in Malta

The first thought that comes to one’s mind when deciding to open a Maltese online store is the money saved on renting or buying a property to host the shop, as well as savings made with some of the utilities

When it comes to the products to be sold in an online shop in Malta, these do not differ too much from the ones sold in supermarkets. However, the variety of goods is not that large, when referring to a small family business.

Registering an online store in Malta

Even if the Maltese business will carry out its activities in the online environment, it does not mean the company registration process can be skipped. The owner must still register a company with the Trade Register and apart from this, he or she will also buy and register a domain name, create a website and obtain special licenses related to the sale of the products. The business license for the company is also compulsory.

Our law firm in Malta can assist with the registration procedure for the company which will host the online store.

Special requirements related to selling goods in online shops in Malta

Even if selling goods and even services online seems simpler, Maltese online shops must comply with certain Internet regulations and consider aspects like:

  • providing online payment solutions, such as merchant bank account;
  • providing security protocols related to the processing of personal data;
  • seeking for the right ways to promote the online business.

If you want to open an online shop in Malta and need assistance, please contact us. Our Maltese lawyers can also explain the internet legislation applicable in this country.