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Resolve Contractual Disputes in Malta

Resolve Contractual Disputes in Malta

All companies in Malta are involved in contractual relations with clients and/or with suppliers. Most of these relations are fruitful on long terms, however there are also situations in which contractual terms are not respected by one of the parties and disputes arise. The Maltese Civil Law has a set of regulations gathered under the Code of Organization and Civil Procedure which apply in contract litigation cases. Special provisions apply in the case of maritime companies involved in contractual disputes, as these fall under the Maritime Law.

Our lawyers in Malta can offer more information on settling contractual disputes under the Civil Procedure Code.

Resolving contractual disputes in Maltese courts

All companies involved in contractual disputes in Malta have several options when trying to settle their cases. One of the most employed methods is court litigation. The Maltese justice system is comprised of inferior and superior courts. Each court will exercise its functions in accordance with its jurisdiction, which in case of contractual litigation is based on the amount of the claim. Our Maltese litigation attorneys can offer more information on the court system in this country. It must be noted that according to the Civil Lawcontractual disputes can no longer be settled in court if a certain period of time has elapsed, as it follows:

  • –          real estate contract claims can be filed within 10 to 30 years;
  • –          professions contract claims can be filed within a year;
  • –          commercial transaction claims can be filed within 5 years;
  • –          damages claims can be filed within 2 years.

Our litigation lawyers in Malta offer representation in contractual disputes.

Settling contract litigation through arbitration in Malta

More and more companies in Malta have started to include arbitration clauses in their contracts in order to avoid court procedures when involved in commercial disputes. These clauses will usually include arrangements for the settlement of commercial litigation within the Arbitration Court in Malta. It is also possible to conclude arbitration agreements in Malta.

For complete information on the main methods of settling contractual litigation and legal assistance, please feel free to contact our law firm in Malta.