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Set Up a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Malta

Set Up a Business for Repair of Transport Equipment in Malta

Due to its geographic location, the transportation of goods and passengers in Malta can be completed by road, by air, and by water. The road infrastructure is quite developed, however, companies transporting goods will usually use water and airways to carry their goods.

Opening a company for the repair and maintenance of transportation equipment can be a very good idea if a business person wants to create establish a company in Malta. Below, our lawyers in Malta explain how to open a business for the repair and maintenance of transport equipment in this country.

Registering a transport equipment repair business in Malta

The company registration process is the first step for opening a business for offering repair and maintenance services in Malta. The business can be created by registering as a sole trader or a limited liability company. This process can be handled or supervised by our law firm in Malta.

Repair and maintenance services offered by companies in Malta

Foreign and local investors can offer one or more services related to the repair and maintenance of transport equipment in Malta. Among these are:

  • –          repair and maintenance of personal transportation means, such as cars;
  • –          repair and maintenance of passenger transportation equipment, such as buses;
  • –          repair and maintenance of road transportation equipment, such as trucks;
  • –          repair and maintenance of ships, yachts, and other waterway transportation equipment;
  • –          repair and maintenance of aircraft equipment in Malta.

It should be noted that even if no special license is required for starting a business for offering repair and maintenance services, having certain qualifications can significantly increase the number of clients.

Specific regulations for car repair shops in Malta

Most of the repair and maintenance services in Malta target individuals with personal cars. In this case, Maltese companies offering such services should register with the Malta Insurance Association in order to have an increased credibility on the market.

In the case of companies offering repair and maintenance services for large transport equipment, registering with the Maltese Maritime Authority and the Aviation Authority is recommended.

Please contact our Maltese lawyers for assistance in registering a business for repair and maintenance services for transport equipment.