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Set Up a Company in Agriculture in Malta

Set Up a Company in Agriculture in Malta

Despite the fact that Malta is made up of rocky islands, it does not mean that agriculture is not an industry to consider when deciding to invest here. Moreover, Malta is one of the most important trading hubs on the continent as it connects Europe to Africa, therefore many of the agricultural products pass through here on their way to the rest of the world. The government also encourages foreign investors interested in starting an agricultural company in Malta through various subsidies and grants.

Our lawyers in Malta can offer information on the programs meant to help companies in the agriculture industry.

Legislation related to the agriculture sector in Malta

The most important law governing agriculture in Malta is the Agricultural Leases Act which was enabled in 1967. The law provides for the activities agricultural companies in Malta can undertake and for the types of land plots they can grow their crops on. It also covers the main ways under which local or foreign investors can lease land from the authorities in order to cultivate various agricultural products.

Another law governing the creation of agricultural business in Malta is the Commercial Code which provides for the types of structures used for the registration of the company. Under this law, an agricultural venture can take the form of a sole proprietorship, a limited or public company, but partnerships are also common when setting up a business in agriculture in Malta.

You can obtain more information on the Agricultural Leases Law from our attorneys in Malta.

Starting an agricultural business in Malta

Once the type of company is chosen and registered, the business owner must comply with the requirements of the Food Safety Commission and the Veterinary Office which are the authorities in charge with the verification and approval of the agricultural products which are sold in and outside Malta. As most of the products are destined for export, an export license must be obtained with the Customs Authorities. Agricultural companies in Malta can also obtain EORI numbers in order to ease the export of their products in other EU countries.

For assistance in starting a company in the agricultural sector, please feel free to contact our law firm in Malta.