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Set Up a Company in the E-commerce Sector in Malta

Set Up a Company in the E-commerce Sector in Malta

Set-up-company-in-the-e-commerce-sector-in-MaltaThe information and communication technology sector is one of the most important sectors of Malta’s economy. This is because most Maltese businesses have established their presence in the online environment. With a fast and reliable internet connection, starting an e-commerce business in Malta is easy and fast. The main laws covering the establishment of a company in the e-commerce sector are the Internet Act and the Electronic Commerce Act.

Our Maltese lawyers can offer information on the legislation related to the e-commerce industry.

Setting up an online business in Malta

The first step to open an e-commerce company in Malta is to register a company with the Trade Register. This step is required because even if the company will operate online, it must still have registered address in Malta. Based on the certificate of registration which is issued by the Chamber of Commerce, the company can then buy a domain name, register it in Malta and create its online platform.

Once the company is registered and has also enabled its trading platform, it must apply for the specific license or licenses connected to the services or products it will offer.

Licenses for e-commerce companies in Malta

Most companies in Malta are now present in the online environment. This has determined the government to provide for various tax incentives for these companies. Among the companies operating in the e-commerce industry in Malta, we can now find retail businesses, gaming operators and software companies. For each category, special licenses are required. Additionally, all e-commerce companies must comply with the Data Protection Act which specifies these companies must protect the information supplied by customers. E-commerce companies must also offer secure online payment methods, if they sell products online.

E-commerce companies are also advised to register their domain name with the Intellectual Property Office in Malta in order to protect their trade name.

For full information on how to establish a business in the e-commerce industry, you can rely on our attorneys in Malta. Please feel free to contact us if you need information on the laws and regulations providing for the e-commerce sector in Malta.