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Set Up a Shop in Malta

Set Up a Shop in Malta

Enterprisers seeking to start businesses with not that much money in Malta can choose to set up shops in the small cities of the country. Thanks to the great number of tourists which can be seen on the streets of every city in Malta, opening a shop or a minimarket could be the ideal choice for those interested in investing in this type of business venture.

In order to set up a shop in Malta one must comply with a few regulations imposed by the local legislation. Our lawyers in Malta can assist with the company registration procedure for those who want to create a shop.

Requirements to open a shop in Malta

First of all, registering a company is compulsory no matter the type of business one decides to open in Malta. When setting up a shop, the limited liability company which requires a minimum capital of approximately 1,200 euros is the most advantageous solution. However, the sole proprietorship is also a good option for those starting a small shop in Malta.

Investors must comply with a few regulations, among which those imposed by the Trading Licenses Act which provides for the types of permits required to set up a shop. Among these regulations, Maltese shops must comply with:

  • –          the rules on the premises which can be used to sell the products; these must be commercial properties class 4;
  • –          the opening and closing hours regulations;
  • –          the retail activities the owner can undertake.

Our law firm in Malta can offer more information on these regulations.

Licenses for Maltese shops

The first license one will need to set up a shop in Malta is the trading license. This is issued by the Commercial Department through the Trade Services Directorate. The following types of licenses can be obtained when opening a Maltese shop:

  • –          a street market hawker license, for those setting up stalls on the street;
  • –          a market hawker license which is available for those setting up minimarkets in Malta, for example.

Other special licenses which can be obtained refer to the products which will be sold. For example, if the shop will sell imported FMCG products, an import license will be required.

For assistance in opening a shop in this country, please contact our attorneys in Malta. We can also assist with the company registration procedure.