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Set Up a Software Company in Malta

Set Up a Software Company in Malta

Malta is currently one of the most prolific economies in the European Union. There are several factors which have contributed to Malta’s economy, among which some of the most important are the skilled workforce and several industries, such as the financial, the gaming and information technology ones. Speaking about the Maltese IT industry, it offers several options to those interested in starting a business here. One of the most interesting options is creating a software company in Malta.

If you want to open a software business in this country, our Maltese lawyers can explain the legislation applicable in this domain.

What types of activities can a Maltese software company undertake?

The creation of software is not the only activity a Maltese company can carry out. Even if it is the most important one, it should be noted that as part of the IT industry, a Maltese company operating in this field can offer a wider range of services.

The current software sector in Malta is seeking for those able to set up a company which can offer:

  • –          software development;
  • –          web design creation;
  • –          quality assurance;
  • –          database management;
  • –          system administration.

Engineering is also a very important part of the Maltese software sector.

Our lawyers in Malta can offer information on the licenses required to create a software business here.

Starting the software company in Malta

Opening a Maltese software company depends on the qualifications of the business owner or the amount one is willing to invest. 

It should be note that Malta is currently one of the most sought expat destinations in Europe, therefore most of the specialists in the IT field come from other EU countries. They usually work in a Maltese company before deciding to venture on their own, therefore experience is very important when creating a software company. Those who have worked as software engineers in Malta can open their own companies in the industry or they can find partners to associate with. Either way, the company registration procedure is a must. However, Malta offers many tax benefits and assistance programs to those who open IT companies.

For assistance with the incorporation business in the software sector, please contact our lawyers in Malta.