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Start a Catering Business in Malta

Start a Catering Business in Malta

Entrepreneurs who want to open companies in Malta are attracted by the food industry because of the variety of opportunities it offers. Both local and foreign enterprisers have the same rights and obligations when it comes to establishing restaurants or other types of food businesses in Malta.

One of the easiest ways of setting up a food establishment is to create a catering company in Malta. If you are interested in starting a catering business here, our lawyers in Malta can guide you through the legal requirements.

Registration of a catering company in Malta

The first step to open a Maltese catering business is to create a solid business plan. It is also necessary to establish the financial possibilities one has and then choose the structure for the company. The main advantage when opening a catering business in Malta is that the sole proprietorship is a suitable business form for small or home-based food companies.

Then, the company registration process can be completed. After that, the Maltese catering business must register with the Food Safety Commission. An inspection of the premises will also be made by the Regional Environmental Health Directorate which will issue the food safety certificate. This must be done 28 days before the opening of the catering business.

Our Maltese lawyers can explain the steps to follow when starting a catering business.

The catering establishment license in Malta

Unlike restaurants, the Maltese legislation provides for a specific license for catering companies. This is the catering establishment permit which is issued by the Malta Tourism Authority (MTA). The following documents must be filed with the MTA in order have the catering establishment license issued:

  • –           a good conduct certificate issued by the local police station for the owner of the business;
  • –          a copy after the owner’s identification papers;
  • –          a plan of the catering company’s premises;
  • –          a photo of the premises façade;
  • –          a copy of the company’s certificate of registration;
  • –          information about the menu;
  • –          licenses for the sewage and waste disposal facilities;
  • –          proof of the application fee payment.

The license will be issued in 20 days after the submission of the documents.

For assistance in setting up a catering business, please contact our law firm in Malta.