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Start a Consulting Company in Malta

Start a Consulting Company in Malta

Entrepreneurs with certain qualifications tend to offer their services in specialized companies which encompass a large portfolio of activities. Once they acquire sufficient experience they decide to open their own businesses and one of the most suitable sector they can operate in is consulting.

After Malta became an EU member state, the number of consulting companies has started to grow, especially when it comes to offering business consultancy for all foreign investors interested in starting a company in this country. Business consulting is still a good industry to create a company in, thanks to the emerging industries like financial technology.

Our lawyers in Malta can assist with the registration procedure of a consulting business.

Who can set up a consulting company in Malta?

Both national and foreign enterprisers are welcome to open companies in Malta in most industries, including consultancy. While some individuals, such as Maltese lawyers and accountants have their degree to help them to an easier start, there are also other investors who can simply register a company and hire the specialists to provide the consulting services they want to offer.

There are no special licenses required to start a consulting company in Malta, however one will need to register the company or the sole proprietorship with the Trade Registrar.

The most common branches of the consulting sector in Malta

Once an investor has decided to open a consulting business in Malta, he or she must have a solid business plan which must include the service or the services the company will provide. Following that, the company registration procedure must be completed.

With respects to the best sectors for setting up a Maltese consulting company in, business consultancy is one of the most appreciated and profitable. However, those who want to try a different niche, financial technology is perhaps one of the newest and best places to start such type of company.

The IT field and accounting are also sought in Malta. Apart from these, one can open a consulting business for offering support in accessing EU funds.

For assistance with the registration of consulting business in Malta, please feel free to contact our local law firm.