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Virtual Office in Malta

Virtual Office in Malta

Foreign investors wanting to have a stable presence in Malta without spending too much money and wasting too much time can choose to purchase a virtual office. Considering the flexibility of customizing the virtual office many entrepreneurs and foreign companies choose to open virtual offices in Malta in order to gain their customers trust and to offer them a direct contact point. Our lawyers in Malta will help you buy a virtual office and explain all its benefits.

The uses of a virtual office in Malta

Foreign companies and enterprisers interested in obtaining a virtual office in Malta often wonder why they should choose such service over a traditional office. Among the uses and advantages of virtual office services in Malta are:

  • the virtual office can be used as registered address of a local company during the first company registration phases;
  • it can also be used as a traditional office where one or more employees can be dispatched;
  • it can be used as a headquarter by foreign companies which service clients in Malta;
  • the service can be purchased through a contract signed for a limited period of time.

Here is a video presentation with details about the virtual office packages you can purchase in Malta:

Services available in Maltese virtual offices

The virtual office is the perfect combination between high operability and low maintenance costs when it comes to opening a business in Malta. Our law firm in Malta provides customers the following services within virtual offices:

  • a registered office in a reputable business center in the most important cities in Malta,
  • local phone and fax numbers for potential clients and customers, with dedicated answering services;
  • mail collection and forwarding services (the mail collected can be sent to any address, as requested by the client),
  • voice mailbox – the messages received can be stored for the period requested by the client;
  • bank statement collection and storage, at the request of the client;
  • meeting room services – clients can book a conference room for a certain date with prior notification.

Considering the Maltese Commercial Code requires companies to have a secretary, clients may also benefit from company secretary services in their virtual office. Clients will have all their phone calls and received emails forwarded to the indicated address in a timely manner. Additionally, all official correspondence can be received at the address of the Maltese virtual office and then forwarded to the desired one. Customers will also have access to meeting rooms in their virtual office in Malta.

Apart from the reduced costs a virtual office implies, the main advantage is that investors may also benefit from advice from our Maltese law firm with respect to certain aspects of their business. The virtual office does not require hiring a large number of individuals. Considering Malta has one of the most developed communication infrastructures in Europe, foreign businessmen will have access to the most advanced technologies which will guarantee them quick access to the desired information.

If you would like to buy a house in Malta, you have at your disposal the legal services offered by our local lawyers. Land Register extracts and Title Deed are the documents that are part of the transaction and that must be verified from a legal point of view. Next comes the preparation of the sale-purchase contract, which will be signed by the seller and the buyer, in front of the notary. But in the event that you cannot be present quickly, you can be represented with a power of attorney by our specialist.

Who needs virtual office services in Malta?

A virtual office package can be bought by any entrepreneur who wants to have a business office through which he or she can develop varied market verifications, without considering the costs of a traditional office. Also, if you are a foreigner in search of taking advantage of a virtual office package before establishing a company in Malta, our team of advisors is at your disposal with complete assistance and information.

Virtual office services are at a fraction of the costs established for a traditional one, as there are no employees and related expenses in this sense. A virtual assistant is at your disposal once you purchase a virtual office package as a starting point for your firm. We mention that the virtual office services are at your disposal within 24 hours from your request.

virtual office in Malta might represent the ideal choice of abroad investors who are looking for office rental and concentrate on future business activities and marketing plans. It is important to have an idea about the sector in which you want to expand your operations and about the potential clients of your business. Likewise, a virtual office package can sustain young entrepreneurs in terms of business and especially those who have established a business budget for the beginning of the activities. You may ask for the support offered by our team of company formation agents in Malta if you want to buy virtual office packages in Malta.

Do I receive the services of a virtual assistant?

Yes, your virtual office package comes with a virtual assistant who can handle the everyday business tasks like phone answering, mail collecting and forwarding, dedicated fax services and many more, in compliance with the clients’ business needs.

When do I receive virtual office services in Malta?

As soon as you made a request and your intention to buy virtual office packages in Malta, our team of consultants will do the necessary arrangements and serve you in less than 24 hours. It is important for us to know in time what your business direction is, and your special requests in this sense. You should talk to our team of agents and find out how you can receive a personalized offer, tailored to your business needs in Malta.

virtual office package comprises a notable business address, private offices, plus complete mail services. In addition, a package might contain complete printing and related services like scanning, copying, laminating, etc. Storage space and conference rooms can be solicited by a foreign investor looking to expand the operations.

The services of a virtual assistant are extremely important and they are supported by complete digital services like local phone numbers with the help of online phone system, video conference and screensharing platforms, cloud-based applications, website domains and online digital storage on request. Today’s technology is part of the virtual office packages you can purchase in Malta, so feel free to ask for more details in this matter from our team of company incorporation agents who can also help you set up a company in Malta.

Extra services of a virtual office package

  • dedicated fax service with your private phone number in Malta;
  • call redirecting – we can offer specialized technology which enables the call redirection to your number;
  • collection of bank statements if you are interested in this kind of service;
  • extra usage of the meeting room – we can handle the business meeting with your customers in Malta.

Registered address services in Malta

One of the most important reasons for those who want to open companies in Malta and to opt for a virtual office before the registration procedure is the access to important business centers that can be used as registered addresses for the future company.

The Maltese Company Act requires a business, no matter if it is incorporated as a sole trader or a limited liability company, to have a legal or registered address in the city it will operate. Those who don’t have the necessary time or resources to rent a traditional office can purchase a virtual office package which includes the registered address service. The address can be used as a legal address with the Trade Register upon the business formation procedure.

An important aspect to consider when using the virtual office as a registered address for a company in Malta is that this is a temporary option.

Our lawyers in Malta will inform you about the availability of a virtual office package in the city you are interested in. Where such a service is not available in the desired city, we can help you make other arrangements. We are also here to help you register a company in Malta.

Communication services related to a virtual office in Malta

When breaking down the services provided through a virtual office in Malta, one that stands out is related to the communication options available. Among these, the most important is the local phone number. This will help business partners and even clients who want to get in touch with the company’s representatives build a relation of confidence.

The communication services usually available are the phone number which includes answering, voicemail and call forwarding services, as well as the option of call redirection. All voice messages can be stored for the desired period of time.

Even if less employed, it is possible for fax services to be included in a Maltese virtual office package.

Our law firm in Malta tailors all its services to the request of the client so that when you work with us have the confidence you have reliable partners by your side.

Meeting room availability in Malta

Businesspersons who need to find a conference room to meet with business partners or potential clients can also benefit from a modern meeting room with access to modern communication equipment. Among these, call and video conference equipment, as well as video projectors. The important thing to consider when asking for a meeting room reservation is to book it a few days before in order to make sure it is available. Also, the meeting room is not part of the regular virtual office package, therefore it will be subject to a separate cost.

We remind you that we can also help you set up a business in any industry in Malta and we can also offer legal assistance on various matters.

The virtual office vs. the traditional and liaison offices in Malta

When starting or expanding a business in Malta, a foreign investor has various options when it comes to the spaces he or she can use. Among these, the virtual and the traditional office are often compared from several points of view. Then, there is the liaison office which is a different expansion option regulated by the Company Law, even if it is not a legal entity itself.

When comparing the Maltese virtual office to the traditional one, the virtual office will be cheaper because it be acquired once and will not imply any maintenance cost. There is no need to hire employees and have them working in a virtual office, however, the client prefers he or she can have their own personnel working there. In most cases, business owners choose this option for cutting the expenses related to employment.

By comparison, the traditional office will imply maintenance costs, office supply and employment expenses, as the administration of the space will entirely fall on the user. Additionally, the monthly rent, municipality taxes and utility bills must be included in the recurrent costs of a traditional office.

When buying a virtual office service in Malta, the beneficiary will sign a services contract which is personalized and will comprise the selected options. However, the contract can be altered, and services can be added or removed, in accordance with the clients’ requirements.

If you are planning to open a business in Malta, you should know that:

  • Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) represent one of the most important sources of income to the country’s budget, as in 2018, the FDI inflow was 4 million USD;
  • Malta’s total FDI stock represented 1425% of the country’s Gross Domestic Product in 2018;
  • 97% of the total FDIs in Malta in 2018 came from financial and insurance services;
  • Malta ranks 88th in the 2020 Doing Business Report issued by the World Bank.

FAQ about a virtual office in Malta

1. Do I receive a business address with a virtual office in Malta?

Yes, a virtual office package comprises a notable business address in one of the big cities in Malta.

2. What kind of facilities are provided with a virtual office in Malta?

Besides a prestigious business address, your package is comprised of a virtual assistant who can take care of the daily duties of your firm. Mail collecting and forwarding, phone answering, dedicated fax services, voice mailbox, a local phone number connected to the business and even a private phone number are a few of the services comprised by a virtual office package in Malta.

3. Is a virtual office package necessary for my business?

Yes, if you are not interested in setting up a traditional office and if you would like to cut the business costs, you may direct your attention to a virtual office package in Malta. This is often the choice of young entrepreneurs who would like to establish a business presence and verify a specific field before entering the market and establish a company in Malta.

4. Are there any restrictions in purchasing virtual office services in Malta?

No, there are no restrictions in this sense, and foreign entrepreneurs of any kind can buy virtual office packages in Malta and move the business in this country with a strong plan in the first place. Many investors want to know what the business choices are and what kind of clients might be interested in the offered products in services. You can easily buy virtual office services in Malta and create your business plan with no stress.

5.Can I avoid maintenance costs in Malta?

Yes, a virtual office package is definitely a great option for overseas entrepreneurs who would like to avoid costs on utility bills, rental costs, employee costs, office supplies and anything related. We remind that a virtual office package in Malta is at a fraction of costs of a traditional office, and young entrepreneurs can benefit from minimal costs for their businesses in Malta. There is no need to travel to Malta to purchase a virtual office package, all you have to do is to get in touch with us and ask for a personalized offer.

For complete information about setting up a virtual office or any other type of company in Malta you may contact our lawyers. Our Maltese lawyers will also provide you with all the information related to incentives for entrepreneurs and legislation related to foreign investments.