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Obtain Information about a Maltese Company

Obtain Information about a Maltese Company

Foreign entrepreneurs intending to open companies or doing business in Malta may require certain information about companies they want to collaborate with. Whether looking for a partnership or for a merger, there are three ways for foreign businessmen to obtain the required information about a Maltese company, namely they have to request it from:

  • – the Trade Register,
  • – the European Business Register that contains information about all companies in the European Union,
  •  a Maltese law firm that will perform the company due diligence on behalf of the client.

What is the Maltese Trade Register?

The Trade Register in Malta is part of the Malta Financial Services Authorities and its main functions are to register new businesses and to maintain the companies’ database up to date. Investors interested in obtaining information about a company in Malta are required to register with the Registry of Companies Online System.

Registered users are allowed to access the database and look for information free of charge, but a fee must be paid if one wants to download documents about a company in Malta. Individuals may search for information about a company by simply entering its name, part of the company’s name or its registration number.

Investors outside Malta can access the European Business Register (EBR) that will retrieve the required information about a Maltese company directly from the Trade Register. The EBR is regularly updated, so all information obtained through its portal is accurate.

What information does the Malta Trade Register provide?

The Maltese Trade Register offers information about the legislation applicable to companies in this country and the licenses that can be obtained in order to start a business here. Those wanting to verify a company have access to the following information:

  • –       the company’s name and registered address;
  • –       who the company’s directors are;
  • –       who the company’s shareholders are;
  • –       information about the company’s subscribed capital.

Even if searching the Companies Register is popular when seeking information on a company, due diligence procedures have started to be more employed because of the accuracy and extensive information one can find about a business.

Company due diligence in Malta

Another method for foreign investors wanting to obtain information regarding a Maltese company is to request the services of a Maltese lawyer. A law firm in Malta can conduct commercial, financial or legal due diligence on the required company and provide all necessary and relevant information to enterprisers about to enter in business relations with the company. Company due diligence in Malta is advantageous because it can only take a few days for specific, complete and updated information to be gathered.

You can contact our lawyers in Malta for information about foreign investments and company registration.