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Open a HORECA Business in Malta

Open a HORECA Business in Malta

Tourism is one of the most developed economic sectors in Malta because it encompasses several subsectors. Foreign investors who want to invest in tourism in Malta can set up one of the following types of businesses:

  • –           travel agencies;
  • –          hotels;
  • –          restaurants;
  • –          cafes.

These all fall under the regulations of the Malta Travel and Tourism Services Act. Also, the hotel, restaurant and café businesses form together the HORECA branch of tourism in Malta. Our lawyers in Malta can explain the requirements for starting a HORECA business under the Travel and Tourism Services Law.

HORECA business registration in Malta

One of the most important aspects of setting up a company in the HORECA sector is to choose the type of structure for the business. This is important because the company can integrate one or more services. For example, one can open a hotel in Malta which will also host a restaurant and/or a café within its premises. The capital to be invested in the company is also important. Please keep in mind that opening a limited liability company in Malta implies a minimum share capital of close to 1,200 euros.

Our law firm in Malta can assist with the registration of the chosen business form with the Companies Registrar.

Licenses for HORECA businesses in Malta

There are several special licenses which must be obtained when opening a HORECA business in Malta. Apart from the fire safety certificate and the business permit which are common for all types of companies, there are also specific licenses issued for restaurants and cafes, as well as classification requirements for hotels.

In the case of restaurants and cafes an inspection from the Environmental Health Directorate is mandatory. These must also comply with washing and changing facilities, as well as ensuring a separate area where the products will be prepared. Waste disposal requisites must also be complied with. For cafes, these requirements are less stringent.

The employees of HORECA businesses in Malta must also have specific qualifications related to their positions.

For information on the legislation related to tourism activities and assistance in registering a HORECA business here, please feel free to contact our Maltese lawyers.